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Jesus wants you!

But how do I accept this love of Jesus? How can I be saved from my own past, my own sin, and my own death someday? A man in Acts 16 asked the same question. The answer? “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!”

Do you think you’re too bad for Jesus to save you? The thief on the cross never had time to make his sin right and Jesus freely promised him a place in Heaven. Jesus didn’t weigh his good against his bad; Jesus accepted his belief. This belief will change your life if it is genuine. It changed a man who had been cursing Jesus moments before into a man who called Jesus “Lord”. He wasn’t just desperate; Jesus can tell the difference. A dying man can’t go from angry to peaceful on his own; trust in Jesus gave him peace. Your sin isn’t anything Jesus hasn’t seen before, and He still wants you.

“[Rich in mercy] means the things about you that make you cringe most, make Him hug hardest...It means our haunting shame is not a problem for Him, but the very thing He loves most to work with. It means our sins do not cause His love to take a hit. Our sins cause His love to surge forward all

the more."


Gentle and Lowly

So what can I say to God? in Luke 18, a man who had cheated and defrauded people came to God and said, "God, be merciful to me, a sinner!" He acknowledged his great sin, and believed that God would fulfill His promise of forgiveness! and the bible tells us that He went home, forgiven! You can use your own words, just like the thief on the cross next to Jesus, who said, “Remember me, Lord!” He called Jesus his Lord; he claimed a whole new lifestyle by claiming Jesus as king of his life instead of himself!

Just tell Jesus that you know He is God, and you accept that He died for your sins so that you don’t have to. Tell him that you are grieved that your sins have hurt Him, but thank Him for the gift of Himself! Tell Him that you need His goodness to cover you like a new coat, and ask Him to teach you how to be like Him. And do you know what? He will! You can walk into the next moment of your life alive in Christ!


And from there on, whenever you give in to temptation and sin, you’ll have your Heavenly Father to run to; you can depend on His strength to be more and more like Jesus every day.

What's Next?

Read the Bible

The Bible is the story of God’s love and faithfulness to His people. It provides encouragement, instruction, warning, and correction that will help you make sense of your life. As you read it, ask God to show you something you can apply to your life. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the Gospel of John in the New Testament.

Find Community

Getting connected with others who have trusted in the rescue of God is essential. A “church” is a community of Christians gathering regularly to worship God as His family. Each member of the family plays a vital role: Similar to the human body, each part helps the whole body function properly. The church is the Body of Christ.

Talk with God

Talking with God is another way you will get to know Him. He is always ready to listen and spend time with you, so you can always speak with Him. He invites you to share all your burdens and joys with Him; this is prayer.

Tell Your Story

Share this news with everyone! Let them hear the amazing story of God’s love and rescue and how it’s changed your life.

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